Ramsond Cut50dy
Ordered from Amazon on Monday and received on Friday. Four days from Michigan to Missouri is fast shipping.  This machine was packaged well enough to be air dropped if necessary. The outside box was lined with Styrofoam. The inside box was lined with about 1″ thick foam that was made to fit the cutter.

Ramsond Cut50dyIt came with everything except an electrical plug which makes sense because it will work on 110 or 220 so there is no way for them to know what type plug to send. I wired mine for 220. The first thing I cut was some 1/8 ” steel. It zipped right through that. I then tried some ¼” with no problem. The next thing I cut was ½” steel. I got through it but I had to take it easy. I didn’t have anything thicker but with my lack of skill I’m not sure I would tackle anything thicker than the ½”.

I also tried some very thin steel and it did a great job with a low amp setting. 1/8″ and ¼” aluminum cut with no problem. I don’t have a steady hand so most of my cuts looked pretty rough but the machine cuts so fast with no resistance it was hard to get a straight cut. Anyone who has used a cutting torch will know what I mean.

I still don’t know how they can produce this much cutting power in a 25 pound machine but they did. I’m very impressed with the machines quality and performance.

Technical Details

  • Power: 50 AMP Inverter Type
  • Voltage: Dual Voltage 110/220V 50/60 Hz
  • Includes: Plasma Cutter, Torch, Consumables, Air Filter/Regualtor, Clamp
  • Features: TOSHIBA MOSFET, Digital Display, Integrated Pressure Gauge
  • WARRANTY: 1 Year (Parts and Labor)

Ramsond Cut50dy